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Additional Rotary-Peace Corps Collaboration Examples from our Partners

Coming Together in a Time of Crisis: RPCVs leveraging Rotary Emergency Response Grant for Ukraine
By National Peace Corps Association Staff, WorldView Magazine, Winter 2023

Rotary clubs partner with Peace Corps Volunteers to provide water and sanitation (Rotary Service in Action Blog, March 2019)
By Julie Stavarski, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic and partner on a TRF Global Grant

Preventing cervical cancer in Senegal through Peace Corps and Rotary (Rotary Service in Action Blog, April 2018)
By Rotary Service 

The Gift of Sight
By Dakota Bishop, RPCV Costa Rica

Pursuing my passions through Rotary and Peace Corps (Rotary Service in Action Blog, July 2017)
By Cecilia Kern, former Rotary Global Grant Scholar and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

Prioritizing women’s and girl’s health through Rotary and Peace Corps (Rotary Service in Action Blog, May 2017)
By Katie Northcott, Rotary Global Grants Scholar and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

From Rotary Scholar to Peace Corps (Rotary Voices Blog, March 2017)
By Jasmine Segall, former Rotary global grant scholar 

Using free resources (i.e., gravity and rainwater), Volunteers help Tongan communities respond to unpredictable weather
Posted on January 27, 2017 By Peace Corps Tonga

Peace Corps Volunteers changed my world view (Rotary Service in Action Blog, February 2017)
By District Governor-elect Abbas Rajabi, District 5450 USA

Peace Corps Volunteer Protects Water Supply in Kenya with Help of Louisville Rotary Club
Posted on August 20, 1999 by Peace Corps Press Office

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Videos documenting Rotary-Peace Corps Collaborations

Shannon Carter, RPCV Ukraine and Rotary Peace Fellow Alumna


Dominican Republic Clean Water Projects – Broomfield Evening Rotary

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